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Toshio Suzuki Biography

Chef Toshio Suzuki began his culinary voyage at the age of 16 in Tsukiji Tokyo, where he was greatly inspired by the depth in artistry, tradition and history behind Edo style sushi and Japanese Washoku cuisine. Eager to learn the essence of maximizing umami of each individual ingredient while preserving a minimalism appearance, he would polish his skills working under a number of traditional sushi restaurants in Tokyo.

Moving to New York City in his early 30’s, Toshio worked at several locations, to support his daily life and savings for he dreams of one day opening a restaurant for himself. His goal was to let the people of New York know what Japanese Edo-Style sushi is all about, and in 1983 he opens Sushi Zen.

Toshio currently continues to pursue the ideal Traditional Washoku as well as Edo style Sushi, and is also actively involved in running lectures for chefs as a way of giving back to the New York community. Through his lectures he teaches chefs what he has acquired in his pursuit of Japanese culinary skills, as well as giving youthful chefs a chance to excel and polish their skills, while incorporating traditional Japanese techniques in food preparation as well as the awareness and responsibilities of the dangers, involved in food handling, food safety and food sanitation.

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