The Gohan Society

Cooking Classes

Masters Series Meat Class 2014

Tuesday, April 29th and Wednesday, April 30th


  • Butchering, Preparations of Various Cuts of Meat
  • Seasoning and Marinating
  • Grilling and Braising
  • Culture and Philosophy of Cooking Techniques

Day One
A lesson on poultry; Chef Atsushi Kono of Tori Shin will demonstrate the traditional Japanese way to breakdown, season, and grill chicken Yakitori-style, using binchotan charcoal and a Konro grill. Chef Erik Battes of Morimoto will demonstrate how to break down, marinate, and cook duck, using traditional Japanese techniques/seasonings.

Day Two
A lesson on Beef and Pork. Chef Hiroki Abe of EN Japanese Brasserie will cover how to take Wagyu beef and make Tartar, as well as use it in Shabu Shabu, a traditional Japanese hot pot dish. Chef Koji Hagihara of Hakata TonTon will demonstrate how to cook Kurobuta pork to make Chashu Ramen.

10–10:30 AM: Coffee, Introductions
10:30-12 PM: Butchering, Seasoning, Cooking lesson and practice
12-12:30 PM: Tasting
12:30-1 PM: Discussion, Farewell

This class is sponsored by Snake River Farms



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