The Gohan Society

The Gohan Society Presents – Kindai Tuna

In 2002, after 32 years of uncompromising research and over $50 Million spent, Kinki University (Japan) has artificially spawned Bluefin Tuna’s eggs successfully for the first time in our history. Since then, the university’s researchers (”Kindai” for short) have raised those eggs to become parent fish. Then, the researchers obtained eggs from them to repeat the farming cycle again.

As World Wildlife Fund(WWF)’s spokesperson Dr. Ingles publicly endorses Kindai’s closed-cycle farming of Bluefin Tuna, this is one of the practical solutions available to us to slow down the pace of depletion of Bluefin Tuna stock in the wild.

In addition, each Kindai Tuna is certified by the university for its complete trace-ability and no use of Antibiotics or Growth Hormones. Kindai Tuna is also lower in the mercury contamination level than other wild or farmed Bluefin Tuna because of their patented feeding method.

It is indeed a very tasty fish, its meat is marbled with oil but not too rich as other farmed Bluefin Tuna. It also has a lingering refreshing flavor, which resembles wild Bluefin Tuna.


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