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Fresh Yuba and Hokkaido Uni – Chef Erik Battes of Morimoto NYC

Fresh Yuba and Hokkaido Uni

Sweet Pea Fondue, Fermented Jalapeno, Rhubarb and Young Ginger

Yuba Uni

For the Sweet Pea Fondue:

100g shallots

130g butter

650g bird’s eye peas, defrosted

120g dashi

12g salt

45g fermented jalapeno

Sweat the shallots in the butter no color. Add the dashi and salt and then remove from the heat. Puree with the peas (uncooked) and the jalapeno condiment until smooth. Shock over ice to cool. Serve room temp.

For the Fermented Jalapeno:

400g jalapenos, seeded, stemmed

400g green finger chilies, seeded, stemmed

40g orange zest, all pith removed

50g salt

Combine all in blender and process until slightly coarse. Cover and let sit at room temp for 48 hours. Pour into a chinois and let drain.

For the Rhubarb and Young Ginger Oroshi:

125g rhubarb (do not peel!), grated on a Japanese oroshi grater

10g young ginger, peeled, grated on a Japanese oroshi grater

10g red finger chili, seeded, brunoise

Combine all.

For the Dashi Soy:

1qt Dashi

1 cup Soy Sauce

1 cup Mirin

1 cup Dry Bonito

Combine all ingredients in a pot except bonito. Bring to a simmer and then add bonito flakes and turn off heat. Let steep 1 hour and then strain.

For the Dashi Soy Gel:

500g Dashi Soy

6g Telephone Agar

Whisk the agar into the dashi soy while cold in a pot. Bring to a simmer and simmer for 30 seconds. Pour into a hotel pan and let cool. Puree on high in the vita prep until completely smooth. If air bubbles accumulate, stir until all of the bubbles go away.

For the Yuba:

Bring the soy milk up in a double boiler half hotel pan until just below a simmer (should be 170-180 degrees). Let a skin form and release the sides with a skewer and fold into a container. Cover with a small amount of soy milk to keep moist. Blot slightly on paper towels before serving to remove excess soy milk.

To Serve:

Micro Greens and Flowers

Sea Grapes, drained on paper towels just before serving

Hokkaido Uni (5pcs)

Olive Oil

Maldon Sea Salt


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