The Gohan Society

Master Class for Chefs: Tofu 2009

Starts: June 15 @ 10:30am
Ends: June 15 @ 12:30pm
Location: 399 Lafayette Street, Ny NY

Presented by chef Suzuki of Sushi Zen, chef Kobayashi of Megu Midtown, and Chef Sato of Nori Restaurant

Monday, June 15, 2009
10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Astor Center – 399 Lafayette Street at East 4th Street, side entrance at 23 East 4th street, elevator to 2nd floor




Lecture: In the Study

After a lecture about the history of tofu, we are pleased to welcome a tofu specialist from House Foods America who will demonstrate the tofu-making process.

Technique and Tasting: In the Kitchen


* Ganmodoki – fried tofu fritter
* Shira-Ae – vegetables dressed with tofu paste


* Basic Tofu Preparations:
1. Tofu nabe with soybean milk and tosa soy sauce
2. Hiya Yakko, or cold tofu, with 10 toppings
* Advanced Tofu Preparations:
1. Edamame potage
2. Takigawa tofu – tofu shaped like a gently flowing wave of water
3. Takoyaki – octopus balls
4. Dengaku – grilled tofu with flavored miso
5. Tofu nugget with Parmesan cheese
6. Marinated tofu in miso and olive oil
7. Tofu dessert – tofu yogurt & sweetened red bean soup with tofu dumpling


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