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Kaiseki Cooking with Miso 2009

Starts: June 17 @ 3:30pm
Ends: June 17 @ 5:15pm
Location: 462 Broadway, New York , NY 10013


Kaiseki Cooking with Miso

Sponsored by Marukome Miso and French Culinary Institute


By invitation only and limited to 100 selected Chefs, FCI Students and Journalists


* Date/Time: Tuesday, June 17 3:30-5:15pm
* Venue: The French Culinary Institute
* 462 Broadway, New York , NY 10013
* Phone: (212) 219-8890
* RSVP By June 12 to

(Please provide your full name, name of the restaurant and phone number)


Join us for an extraordinary culinary journey into the delectable world of miso, led by Guest Chef Kenji Matsuoka—one of Japan ’s most celebrated “ryotei” chefs and an expert on Kaiseki cuisine. A rare opportunity to see the process for making miso using Kaiseki techniques, which is seldom taught outside of Japan by a chef of Matsuoka’s stature.


See and taste the possibilities for using miso in your recipes at this event!


Much like fine D.O.C. wines and cheeses, the flavor, color, texture and aroma of miso vary widely, and are unique to the region where it’s produced. A truly artisanal product made from soybeans or barley, salt water and koji, miso is both a unique Japanese condiment and a savory, aged seasoning. Chef Matsuoka will demonstrate why miso has long been prized in Japan for its endless versatility and ability to add complexity and richness in cooking.



* Miso: A brief introduction to its background and history.
* How to create blend Miso:
* Demo: Red Miso(Aka-Tama)/White Miso(Shiro-Tama)
* How to make flavored Miso.
* Demo:Yuzu Miso/Walnut Miso
* Advanced uses of Miso
* Demo: Fish/Beef
* Demonstration of Kaiseki Technique
* (including Fish Cutting/Tempura/Soup
* Q&A


About Executive Chef Kenji Matsuoka


Chef Matsuoka was executive chef at Akasaka Seijyu, a top “Ryotei” restaurant that features traditional Japanese Kaiseki cuisine. It is one of the most exclusive ryotei restaurants in Japan and has never opened its doors to the general public. Dining is available by referral only. Mr. Matsuoka also sits on the board of two highly regarded culinary professional associations: Kohoukai and Nihon Chouri Kenkyukai. Mr. Matsuoka has been a celebrated Ryotei Chef in Japan for more than 30 years and this will only be his second appearance in the New York City area.


Chef Keiji Matsuoka continues to receive accolades from his colleagues and the Prefecture of Tokyo . Recently, The Honorable Governor of Tokyo awarded him the coveted, “Tokyo Sairyou Chyourishi Chiji Sho.” This award literally means “The Best Chef chosen by the Governor of Tokyo”. It is given to the chef, who has more than 15 years experience, superior knowledge and education, outstanding character and the respect of his peers


Marukome Miso

Marukome’s goal is to educate chefs, students and press in the understanding of miso. From the fundamental history to the processing, application and aromas.

MARUKOME CO., LTD is a prominent leader of miso products in Japan over 153years, opened new U.S. headquarters and plant in Irvine, California. December 2007.

Marukome U.S.A., Inc.

Address: 17132 Pullman St., Irvine, CA 92614-5524

TEL: 949-863-0110


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