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Chef Hiroki Abe of EN Japanese Brasserie – Wagyu Shabu Shabu and Beef Tartar

Shabu Shabu
Cook meat in 170F water, take out when still pink
Sauce for Shabu shabu
-White Sesame 60g
-Sesame Paste 30g
-White Miso 30g
-Mirin 80cc
-Koikuchi Soy Sauce 20cc
-Ponzu 100cc
-Vegetable Oil 100cc
-Sesame Oil 100cc
Cut short rib into small strips, sear half of the strips using a torch burner
Sauce for Tar-tar
-Dashi from Dried Bonito and Dried Sardines 400cc
-Mirin 200cc
-Koikuchi Soy Sauce 200cc
-Dried Sardines
-Dried Bonito


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