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Chef Erik Battes – Grilled Muscovy Duck Breast

Duck Demonstration – Chef Erik Battes of Morimoto


1. Blanch the ducks in a large amount of rapidly boiling water for 10 seconds.

2. Immediately shock the ducks in ice water.

3. Hang the ducks with its wings behind its back.

4. Prepare your liquid nitrogen sprayer.

5. Alternate between blow torching the skin on the breasts in small increments and spraying that area with liquid nitrogen. The breasts should have a light caramel golden brown color.

6. Scrape the skin with a bowl scraper to open up the pours of the skin.

7. Dry with a fan for 18 hours.

8. Remove the wings and legs/thighs.

9. Remove the backbone.

10. Heat a wide pot of neutral high temp oil to 445 degrees Fahrenheit (lightly smoking)

11. Place the duck breasts in a wire mesh basket and hold over the oil.

12. Alternate ladling the hot oil over the duck skin and spraying with liquid nitrogen.

13. Repeat until the skin is golden brown but the flesh is not cooked.

14. Heat a circulator filled with oil to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees C).

15. Submerge the ducks in the oil and circulate for 40 minutes.

16. Blot the duck dry.

17. Remove duck breasts from the bone.

18. Skewer the duck breasts with metal skewers in between the skin and the meat.

19. Season with salt and pepper on both sides.

20. Grill over a medium heat binchotan grill on the skin side until chestnut brown and crispy, and then lightly on the flesh side.

21. Smoke over hay or wood smoke in a sealed container.

22. Allow to rest slightly, then slice and serve.

Duck will be served with:

Sweet Onion Soy Sesame Duck Jus

Suribachi Sesame/Mitsuba


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