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SAORISANI see the Gohan Society as a cultural bridge over which culinary professionals from Japan, the United States and other countries can connect and exchange their cooking methods, ingredients and styles.

The specific goal of the Gohan Society is to provide an opportunity for professional and student chefs, culinary educators, sommeliers and journalist to explore and share the uniqueness of their respective cuisine through international travel, work and play.

It is my hope and belief that through a dynamic and professional culinary exchange program, the Gohan Society will foster cooperation, learning and a spirit of friendship between nations and cultures.

          Saori Kawano

Michael Romano

Michael RomanoAs a culinary professional, I am thrilled to be part of the cultural and gastronomic exchange embodied by the Gohan Society.


Executive Chef, Partner Michael Romano / Union Square Café


Toshio Suzuki

Toshio SuzukiI am thrilled to be a participant in the Gohan Society, especially in its role in promoting a true understanding of the essence of Japanese cuisine. By teaching the culture, history, traditions, and the deep influence of the spirit of Zen in Japanese cuisine, the Society will contribute to a unique and valuable exchange between Japan and the United States.

Chef, Owner Toshio Suzuki / Sushi Zen

Daniel Boulud

Daniel BouludThe Gohan Society is providing a wonderful source for just the kind of international experiences that chefs find so stimulating and wish they could have more of. Cross-cultural exposure is such an important source of inspiration for me and I look forward to taking part in the Society’s activities.

Daniel Boulud / Daniel

David Bouley

David BouleyI am so honored and proud to be able to share the experiences that I have had in Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, and all over Japan, with such talented and passionate chefs who generously shared their skills and allowed me stages. Gohan is a pure and productive way to communicate to our enthusiastic audience. Thank you!

David Bouley / Bouley


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